Website Traffic – The Productive Approach

Every business depends on its customer base. An abundant flow of customers to their portal is the ultimate dream of every business owner online. The primary solution for the continued success and ROI of every business to maintain the website traffic is Search Engine Optimization. Nowadays, social media is the dream platform for every online business owner to promote their business, make a proper interaction with the end-users as well as facilitate the potential traffic towards the business portal.

Promotion on social media or e-marketing techniques to drive traffic to your portal are neither rocket science nor a piece of cake, but a smart approach can open hundreds of doors to success. There are a few very efficient tips to keep in mind while using social platforms or choosing SEO techniques to drive traffic to your website. A major one being the use of Social Media. Undoubtedly there is a slew of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, to name a few, to promote a business. Social media helps in building an audience base. You need to consider the type of audience you can expect at different platforms. (read How to make best use of Social Media for Online Marketing?)

Choosing a right platform can surely help your business to grow vigorously in a small period of time. In addition to this, keep your business profile sophisticated and relevant to your industry. Both what you post and how you post it are very important steps that require intense focus. You can include photos, hashtags and to-the-point description in your posts to get more response. Interacting with the users who have commented on your posts is also a great idea to engage them and make them visit your portal multiple times. Cashing on the potential customer’s curiosity is the best way to move ahead. Make sure, your post on a regular basis to get a better response. Posting 3-5 posts per day is a legit move. Running a campaign or inviting your fans or audience to participate in a contest where they can bag gifts, vouchers, cash, discount coupons or any other exciting gift after winning it can be a great engaging option as well. The second most important thing to keep in mind is online advertising. A slew of startups depend on Paid Search. Advertising is a great option to count on for new and established businesses. Advertisements help you build your brand and make it familiar to your target audience.

Another ingenious tool is, of course, on-page SEO. Everyone wants their website to pop up at the top of the SERPs. On-Page SEO is the primary and a pretty effective solution for new and experienced website owners willing to enhance their portal’s ranking.

Guest Blogging is also becoming the new technique in vogue that garners a customer base. Either you get a chance to post your thoughts on a reputed blog site or invite good bloggers or content creators to share their words regarding your own portal – Guest Blogging always works. Even the customers who are already a part of your traffic can provide their feedbacks and help you garner trust from the rest. As a website owner, you have to fascinate your visitors or audience and the search engines at the same time. Internal linking is a prolific option to build your portal’s architecture and drive the online traffic in its direction. You can’t expect to make your business idea viral or convey a specific message to a target audience without getting social or reaching out to people, can you? Google algorithms have changed a lot in the recent years and so is the approach of the SEO experts to drive more traffic to the websites. Social platforms are also flourishing every day, enhancing the chances of a specific business to get noticed easily. The aforementioned tips can help your audience understand your business and your vision. It’s time to jump on the social platforms with a right approach and a powerful strategy. A huge traffic is waiting!

An interesting heading is what will get the visitors stick to your site. A catchy statement, a good quote or something else that you think with capture the soul of your venture! Without a proper heading even the most useful and comprehensive websites are ignored. So it is highly recommended that you master this art of writing attractive headlines carefully.

Linkedin has become more than just the tool to find a job. Linkedin provides the largest professional social network platform which can make the promotion of your business way easier than you can ever imagine. If you keep a posting in Linkedin on a regular basis, it will turn out to be healthy for your traffic as it will gather for you the professional crowd that can give authentic remarks relevant to your industry.

Apart from the generally popular ways of collecting hits, the method is schema microdata is another cool trick. Though this method won’t increase the traffic directly but rather it synchronizes the search engine to index your page. Implementation of schema for SEO also enhances site snippets. While you work well on SEO and direct links to your site, the key point which is not to be forgotten is internet linking. Linking pages internally not only enhances SEO but also adds up to users experience. A well linked post is likely to keep the reader more engaged then a close end.

Having a responsive website is the best (read Benefits of a Responsive Web Design), though. Websites and blogs have been shifted from PCs to your mobiles and tablets which makes it essential that the website is flexible enough to be operated in all screen sizes, filing to do so can be a huge turn off for users. Make sure that your website is mobile or tab-friendly, so that you do not miss a single chance of attracting a customer. Too many plugins, heavy files and lots of useless fancy stuff can make your user wait like standing in a queue, to visit your site. That is the last thing you want to happen while trying to entice more visitors. Optimization should be the key rule to decide the content of your page so that the site loads as fast as it should! Pay attention to the data provided by your Analytics and decide the next move accordingly. The past analysis will provide you the best feedback on your strong areas and the loopholes you need to work on.


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