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About K. G. Mozumder

Meet K G Mozumder, a passionate and versatile creative with expertise in web design, digital marketing, blogging, graphic design, and video editing. In the digital realm, Mozumder crafts engaging experiences, connecting with diverse audiences across platforms. Beyond the virtual world, he delights in savoring delicious cuisine and exploring new destinations, finding inspiration in travel's cultural immersion. Mozumder's aesthetic excellence shines through captivating visuals, and his love for both the digital and real world drives him to continuously seek inspiration, transforming ideas into extraordinary work. An explorer at heart, Mozumder's adventures enrich his life, infusing his creative endeavors with excitement and wonder.

10 Awesome WordPress Hotel Themes

Nice Hotel Theme Nice hotel theme designed for hotels, hostels, resorts, spas and any other type of service which requires a booking type system. Nice Hotel comes with a bunch of really hand theme options so that you can configure your website with minimum effort and time. The options panel is completely unbranded allowing you to easily add your company name to it.   Hotelia Hotel, travel site, booking site, etc. Additional pages can be easily created with the existing elements, there are predefined pages Continue reading →

Flat & Minimal Web design

A website must look good. If the presentation is good, people will find it hard to avoid the contents that are being presented. Based on your ideas, the content of your site, or the products that you want to showcase, we will design your website the way you want it to be, and also make it visually engaging to the visitors of your website. Flat and minimalism is the trend and hence we decided to go with that. Minimalism does have a lot of advantages Continue reading →