Hosting & Domain

We offer hosting and domain services to small business and entrepreneurs. A domain name is important no matter what sort of site you are making. We provide domains and also servers to host your website at reasonable charges.

Getting a Domain

A domain name selection is very crucial in any website. First of all, know what the site will be about. Get five keywords or phrases that describe your site and make a name using those. Also, make the domain name unique. The name should not be similar to that of another existing site. Else, your visitors might end up being in the wrong site by mistake. Also, make it easy to remember and easy to type. We can provide you domain name suggestions based on your site and your business.

About our Hosting service

We will host your site at a reasonable price. We specialize in supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs and hence, for small companies, our servers are ideal. Our servers have enough processing power, disk space and memory that a start-up company would need. Also, in case anything goes wrong, we provide constant technical support to get your site back up. Also, if your business grows, we have space for that.